GF-X6-12/16 Fiber Glass, 12mm/16mm tube

600/650/700 size


with Shock absorber Landing kit

Model:: GF-X6-12 and GF-X6-16

- Main Material: Fibreglass
- 600mm/650mm/700mm(wheelbase)-X6(HEX copter)-16(16mm tube).
- recommend propeller < 14 inch
- Compatible with Single Axis or two- axis PTZ
- Net weight:APPROX.650g/750g
- Package weight:approx 1100g


- High Wind resistance design,low power consumption,support most flight controller board
- 16mm Fiber Glass ,CNC Processed
- all the fixtures and fasteners are rearranged to strengthen the stability of the quadcopter

Recommed set up with A2212/930KV + 30A/; A2217+/50A ESC

Propeller: 1047 /1238 1247 ?1245 1365 Not more than 14"

Battery: 3300/ 20C/ 3S