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An innovative manufacturer focusing on Brushless motors and Brushless Speed Controllers.

As a Brushless motors and ESCs supplier for a branded manufacturer, Suppo is now a well known supplier to most RC people. We are very experienced in manufacturing high quality and high efficiency motors and ESCs. To day, we are a large OEM manufacturer for major RC distributors in the world.

Nowadays, We are proud to offer full range Brushless Out-runner motor from small A1504 13g to unique huge U7050 with 6000Watt power. Our ESCs range from small 8g/ 0.29oz, 10Amps to 200Amps, support up to 50V, 6800 Watt.

We are also entering the HiFi tube amplifier section. With years research and experiment, we are proud to build small to monster size tube machines such as EL34 Mx20 Mono Block, consisted with 20pcs EL34. Our small 6P15 Golden Voice have excellent sound quality in Diyer.

To find out more, please contact cs@suppomodel.com.

First-class performance, affordable price.

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