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The Golden Voice: 6P15 - SV2

6p15 sv2 tube amp

6P15 Tube amplifier

SV 2 upgration:

New design PCB board for better performance

Power inlet build in fused

Dual voltage input selector

Grounding improved

Larger transformer with batter base

Solid strong Chasis

Spacy for your MOD



Important Notice

This Amp is regarded as DIY components rather than a completed consumer product. Only when you have technical knowledge and understanding about tube amplifier that you can buy this AMP.

The Tubes supplied with is not installed. so you need to install the Tube your self.

Some parts could be lossed in transit. Therefore, we strongly suggest you check the AMP before connecting power.

Make sure you have good grounding earch connected of your power source.

Technical Feature:

Input Power
115V or 230V AVAILABLE

8watts x 2 in

Class AB Push and Pull circuit design

Output Tube 

6P15 x 4

Driver Tube

6N1 x 2

Signal/Noise Ratio 
8ohm or 4ohm
0db   45HZ--50KHZ
-3bd   30HZ--70KHZ
Audio Input
2 groups
1% @ 8W;  5% @ 10 watts
Input Sensitivity
Power Consumption
Max 80w

Fuse added for GV-1/GV-3

New Fuse added inside GV-1!


Model 6P15 GV-1


Model GV-1

(stop supply, replaced with


fues added

New Fuse added inside !

Connection and Tube installation:

raretube install

Model GV-2

(stop supply, replaced with


  Share the same components as GV-1. The only difference is color.

Model GV-3

(stop supply, replaced with


MODEL 3 EL84 GV-3 use EI Transfomer, support 100VA

Model GV-4

(stop supply, replaced with



EL84 GV-4 use EI Transfomer, support 100VA






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